So, speaking of coffee shops…

All world-class museums and cultural districts aside (which i love), do you know one of my greatest frustrations with the city of Fort Worth? It’s lack of cool coffee shops!! Not exactly a pressing community issue, I know, but none the less there’s a need. Coming from Nashville where hipster cafes lurk at every corner, Fort Worth has been sorely lacking. Don’t get me wrong… Starbucks’ drive-thru has saved me on many a sleepy morning and long commute home but, other than that, I’m just not the biggest fan. For me, environment and aesthetic are just a way of life and something I greatly appreciate when it’s done well.

Enter Brewed, Fort Worth’s answer to my “cool coffee place” dilemma. And here’s the thing… it’s not just a coffee shop! It’s also a bar, restaurant, internet lounge, community meeting center, and more. They call themselves “the locals’ living room”, which is an idea I can totally get behind and already have!! (yes, some of the staff already knows me by name)

A few weeks ago, I sat down with co-owner and interior designer Jana Clark to learn more about their concept and space design. Listen along here!

Kinfolk Magazine was a significant inspiration to the Brewed team so you can find them scattered about the place. In fact, take it a step further and purchase your own copy to take home as well!

Take that, old Fort Worth!! Now we have our really cool place to hang and it’s called Brewed.


And now, for the winner of the StyleVISA giveaway. Congratulations, Stephanie D!! You are the winner of a $75 credit to StyleVISA!


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