A rushed morning begun much later than usual. No time for breakfast much less coffee. Creative inspiration for dressing… zilch. Yep, it happens… often. You know, some days you’ve just got to dress for comfort.

Oh, yeah. And some days despite all non-chalant efforts, the outfit still doesn’t work!

Don’t be fooled by Sam’s excellent camera work above. This ensemble was a flop! (i can say that about myself… we’re comfortable with each other)

I do have a coping mechanism in such instances, though. I’ll let you in on the secret… Copious layers of ┬ábracelets and bangles. You would think I was compensating for something, right!?!

Right. It’s all about redirecting attention, my friends. So, when you’re having trouble with your wardrobe, just pile on the jewelry and hit the road. You’ve got better things to do than worry about bad outfits!

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