Ever since Carina and I first met, gawky young ballerinas that we were,¬†she has had a distinct personality and sense of style in my eyes. Feminine and relaxed with a touch of vintage demure and quirky humor. Sure, it’s grown-up over the years, but the essence is the same. When we met over Thanksgiving, it had been somewhere around¬†9 years since our last encounter!!

She was charming as always.

I coaxed her into letting me snap a few photos of her ensemble that day. How about her vintage Coach bag (such a classic!!), mint green nails, and amber ring? It felt quintessentially Carina. She also mentioned that the gold bangles she was wearing were a gift from her grandmother who had worn them continually for most of her life. Classic and personal!

So, first lesson in enduring style from Carina… choose a few classic pieces and be true to your personality.



– Swap out the open-toed sandals and throw on a hefty coat to wear this look now! –

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