I’m getting to the age now (listen to me sounding all grown-up) when friends of my family who were having babies when I was in middle school are now… in middle school!! It’s a strange thing to watch happen from a distance. I met these young’ins as pink, wrinkly newborns before the idea of driving was even on my mind. And now, when I visit home in my car, with my husband and my out-of-State license plate, I see that they have miraculously grown! They have hobbies and interests, attitude, opinions, senses of humor and style.Β It’s like they’re becoming their own people or something.

I’m not even shocked. Just amazed.

One such family with babies that I’ve been blessed to know for nearly 15 years is the Williams family. They may not know it but I’ve long admired their free-spirited sensibilities, focus on family, faith, and community, and support of the arts – all things that align with my most deeply valued beliefs. Wouldn’t you know that their home reflects these same things as well?!

Mama Nina, “baby” Eva, kitty Peeta, and I sat down to chat about big families in small spaces, making your house a home, and having gratitude. Listen in here:

Can you feel the love?


Thank you, thank you Nina, Josiah, Gabriel, Eva, Peeta (the cat), Tack (the dog), Moriah (we didn’t touch your room), and Moses!!




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