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The close of one year and the fast approach of another puts me in a very “what am I going to do next?” kind of mood. Dreams and schemes float recklessly through my head. But it’s really more than just “what’s next?”. It’s more about where am I going… what will I change to put me closer to where I dream of eventually being… what’s my path? Those aren’t easy questions to answer!! You may have picked up on my foreshadowing commentary earlier in the week.

Well, it’s true. I have lots of ideas! They may not come to fruition for many months (or years) down the road but they’re marinating here, in my mind, just waiting for the right opportunity.

Visions, goals, and a true-to-you path. These are things every person should have in their life!

Another seasonal persuasion worth mentioning is that of giving. When we have so much, why not share? And so, today’s post combines the two – finding a path and giving back.

Sseko Designs is a Fair Trade clothing company focused on helping some of the brightest, most committed young women in Uganda continue their education by hiring them during a nine month transition period between their secondary and university education. In Uganda this is typical. A student will take nine months between schools to work and earn money for their university tuition. But that isn’t always the easiest thing to come by when you’re a female living in an impoverished, male-dominated society. And so, that’s why I’m sharing Sseko’s story today. Give back and help one of these young women in search of her true path to earn the fair wages she needs to fund her education and fulfill her dreams!

This Espresso Fringe Clutch, which is available on Sseko’s online shop, is just one example of the beautiful handiwork of these Ugandan women.

It’s a lovely piece to style for both day and night. In this look, I paired it with one of my all-time favorite mustard twill jackets and jewel-toned accessories.

To enter for a chance to win your own Sseko clutch, simply fulfill the following:

  1. Visit Sseko’s online shop & find your favorite clutch
  2. Meet the women of Sseko
  3. “Like” Sseko on Facebook
  4. Share your path for the new year in the comment section of this post
A winner will be announced here on Monday, Dec. 24th.
This contest has been extended until Monday, December 31st!! A winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 1st.

Find your path, invest in a clutch, give a path.

Photos by Sam of Style of Sam

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