Hello, hello dear readers… I’m back!! As you’ve noticed, for the past week and some I’ve been purposefully absent from the blog. It was time to step away for some fresh air. Amidst Christmas gatherings and family visits, my absentee roles included cook, cleaner, hostess, cuddle-bug, Christmas elf, conversationalist, and puppy manager (to name a few). It’s been splendid!!

And contrary to what today’s outfit post implies, I have not done much dressing up. ┬áNope, it’s been cuff-rolled jeans, ballet flats, and chunky sweaters and not much else. But putting on a pretty smock and sparkly jewels is so perfectly holiday appropriate! I did manage to fancy up for our Christmas services and may just continue to indulge myself this evening while we ring in the new year. We’ll see… dressed in hose and heels while lounging on the sofa may be a little awkward.

But any excuse to wear fur collared coats and satin bowed shoes, right?!


Lovely storybook photos by Sam!!


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