I’m a lazy New Year’s Eve-er. I’d rather stay in with a fridge of tasty left-overs and self-serve drinks, a cozy blanket and my current favorite Netflix pick, my husband and my puppy. I don’t spend much time reflecting on the previous year and my new year’s resolutions typically consist of no more than a general desire for self-improvement. How’s that for ambitious?!

I like to approach my new year’s rituals in more abstract and loose terms… not tied to any specific goal-setting obligations. (rolls eyes at self)

But this year I have a very special project underway that has me writing goal lists, content calendars, dream scenarios, and business models.  (i don’t even know what one of those looks like, but i’m writing one, gosh-darn-it!). I could let the cat out of the bag now but that would ruin so much of the excitement!! So, although things may get a little slow around here over the next couple months, just know that it’s all because something much greater is in the works and coming down the pipeline. Think new vision, rebranding, style stories.


Curious yet??


What do you have in store for 2013?

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