In all my anti-clutter, regular purging mania, do you know the one thing that I have so much trouble getting rid of? (ok, besides my weird collection of dried leaves and flower petals)… Magazines!! They are perhaps the least expensive publication a person can get there hands on and resale book shops everywhere have loads of them for sale but somehow I still have trouble. Like losing my archive of “10 Best Dressed of 2008” or “Top 5 Wall Colors for 2010” would really have that much of an impact on my life!

Since one of my mottos for 2013 is “simplify”, it seems only right that I apply that mentality to my current magazine conundrum. Enter Carolina and her clever small space storage idea.

“You want to make things simple?”, I thought to myself. Easy. Don’t even worry about getting rid of things in the first place! Simply be as brilliant as Carolina and store your magazines in perfectly neat stacks under chic accent chairs.

K.I.S.S. Done.

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