I’ve been mulling over the ideas of trends versus personal style recently. This time of year lends itself to that sort of discussion… “what’s in, what’s out, what’s the next hot thing”. When I sat down to compose a list of my own, though, I bumped against a funny obstacle. With every “passe” trend I thought of (chevron, mongolian fur, the color turquoise), I thought of at least one space or scenario in which the idea worked! It just didn’t feel right (for more than one reason… I don’t typically drawl my “so” ‘s) to say “oh, this look is SO over!!”. It wasn’t honest. “What are we trying to accomplish with a list of yearly fashion do’s and don’ts?”, the thought came to me. Maybe we’re just identifying the things that feel overused and dangerously popular. I get that. No one wants to appear like a serial band-wagon-jumper. Maybe the idea is not as much a don’t list as a “proceed with care and caution” warning?

The more I thought about my do/don’t list and read the lists of others, the more I noticed a common thread. As it turned out, most of the do’s from my fellow blogger/designer lists were surprisingly consistent with their general sense of personal style. On the flip side, the don’ts from each persons list seemed to represent all the things I wouldn’t expect that person to style with anyways! Ahah!!

1 + 1 = 2. So, naturally, this must be a story of personal style rather than do’s and don’ts.

I think we’re all inherently drawn to a unique aesthetic. It may morph over time with the influence of what’s in vogue, but if we’re being genuine, it’s unlikely that our style would change completely. If we look closely, there are probably a set of common threads throughout our evolution. Now more than ever, individual style is celebrated and a wide range of preferences is to be expected. How cool is that? So, actually, our beginning of the year trend lists are more of a personal credo about what from a group of popular design motifs fits our style and what doesn’t.

That’s much easier to reconcile. I think I’ll keep my mongolian fur pillow!! I’m sure there’s someone out there still doing it well.

And now, my friends, what do you think? Is there such a thing as do’s and don’ts or are we past all that? Is personal style the real topic at hand?


By the way, these very lively vignettes pictured above are from a brand new vintage and antique furniture shop that just opened up in Fort Worth. Past Perfect… check them out on Vickery Blvd. between Clover Lane and Hulen Street.

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