Boy, oh boy, oh boy…

It’s been a while since I’ve let an entire week float by without a blog post. What can I say? A lot has been happening!!

But enough of that. You’ll hear more from me on “the secret subject” later.

Right now, I’m focusing on positivity, confidence, and a bright, cheerful outlook (because if I’m being really honest, my hopes and dreams are just a wee bit intimidating at this moment).

No better way to brighten your outlook, though, than by brightening your wardrobe, right?! This candy-striped ensemble was just the remedy I needed not long ago.

Although I have no tag to confirm it, I’m pretty sure this thrifted sweater is meant for a child. That or someone pulled a “hilary” and shrunk the thing. But size has never stopped me from buying something I love!! I’ve definitely rocked a few oversized blazers (hello, 1980s) in the past simply because the tailoring and detailing were so beautiful. And, of course, the oversized look of it worked too!

The lesson in all of this? Don’t pay attention to size labels when thrifting and plaster yourself in bright colors when you need a boost.

Now, go forth and conquer this Winter, my friends!! I’ll be right there beside making similar efforts!

And if you’re in the mood to shop (careful. shopping while on a color high is dangerous), then this should do the trick:


Photography by Sam of Style of Sam



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