In the past, I’ve considered myself a fairly healthy eater. Nothing crazy ambitious, you understand. Just good, decent eating habits. I stick to small portions. Fresh, whole foods and low fat meals are appealing to me. I enjoy a big, hearty salad. Heck, many times I even crave them!! I may grab an occasional fast food meal, but it’s not often.

Well, that was my old mentality.

Then I met Dana Card of Number One Le Jus, nutritionist of a cool new cafe/retail boutique that just opened up in Highland Park Village in Dallas. It’s an incredibly brilliant concept!! Charming decor, impeccable presentation, stylish clothing, and bright-eyed, smiley-faced staff that coax you in. Then, just when you think you have them figured out (cool shop, tasty coffee and drinksBAM… they blow your mind with their knowledge of clean eating and balanced cleansing, concepts that are at the core of their philosophy.

I don’t know much about juicing or cleansing. I’ve had several friends give the idea a try. But here’s the fantastic thing about Dana and her team at Le Jus. They’re incredibly open and inviting and will gladly walk you through the basic concepts behind their menu and delicious nutrient rich recipes.

Oh, and did I mention that those super nutritious menu items they serve so elegantly are also completely delicious? Well, they are.

If you live near Dallas, you should give them a visit.

And tell them I sent you! These folks are all about community and will happily adopt you into their extended family of customers.

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