Disclaimer: This post may err more on the side of self-gratification than usual. You’ll have to forgive me. It’s been a rough couple days and I needed these flowers to cheer me up.


I had a major slight in comparison digital crisis on Thursday. While updating and syncing my phone, an error occurred and a great deal of my iPhone data was lost (don’t ask me how… it’s very complicated). All the while being fully aware of the insignificance and comparative smallness of my troubles, I was feeling none the less irritated, frustrated, at points pissed, and eventually just plain bummed.

A trip out of the house the next day helped me with perspective, a girl’s night in on Valentine’s Day lifted my spirits,  and finally, a few minutes spent editing some lovely flower photos pulled me out of the remainder of my funk. It’s amazing what a good dose of perspective and flowers can do for the soul!

The photos are from a flower arranging demo I attended while “reporting” for this D Home blog post earlier in the week. It was hosted at the Mockingbird Station West Elm in Dallas and taught by my florist friends Adam and Alicia Rico (of Bows and Arrows). They shared some very clever tricks about arranging with fresh and paper flowers… yes, paper! I was suspicious at first but couldn’t argue with the lovely results.

For those curious, read my take-aways on the perks of paper in my D Home Blog post HERE.


So, tell me friend… how has your week been?



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