I wasn’t sure whether I should publish this post or not… watching yourself on video is incredibly awkward and sharing it with the rest of the “world”… well, it isn’t much easier! But then, of course, this clip has already aired through many a Dallas home by now, not to mention this isn’t exactly the first time I’ve shared a video of myself on this site.

So, I convinced myself to publish.

The clip below is from a new TV show in Dallas called D Living, which was recently acquired by D Magazine. I was invited on the show to discuss the topic of shopping for furniture on Craigslist (inspired by this post) with the lovely Hilary Kennedy. Doesn’t she have such a beautiful name? 😉

I think you’ll agree, it’s a lot easier to navigate the underworld of Craiglist when you have a few key pointers to follow. Note-takers get ready… here goes!


And for all my bullet-point-loving friends out there (me included!!), here’s a quick summary of the points I made for your reference.

  • Filter “By Owner”
  • Shop Entries That Have Images
  • Set Your Price Maximum High
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate
  • Ask for More Details
  • Have a Friend or Family Member Present
  • If Anything is Suspect, Move On!

To see more of the D Living gals, scour their full archive HERE.

Thanks so much for having me, Hilary! (boy, that feels weird to type)

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