I’m not exactly what you’d call a “numbers person”. I can work my way around a generous tip calculation, but let’s just say that my talents shine more brightly in other areas. Good thing. Because I’ve been desperately looking for an excuse to avoid adding up the days since I posted on this blog last. Deficiency is a good excuse, right?

Well, unless of course you start getting phone calls and emails wondering where the heck you’ve been and if everything is alright… have you stopped blogging, do you need anything, are you still alive!?! In that case, no excuses count. A blogger just better suck it up, do the numbers, get freaked out, and start blogging again! At least that’s what I did.

It’s funny, it took a short flight to Nashville and four cramped hours of forced offline-dom and a disconnection from work and email on a plane that felt far beyond it’s capacity within environments of artificially stabilized airflow… to catch a breath of fresh air. (by the way, my trip home  was fantastic and i got lots of exciting things done! in addition to some super cool Style Story photo shoots, i also had the chance to style the most hilarious and heart warming photo and video shoot with my dear friend Emily for her new company t-615. but more on that later.)

For the past four weeks (i did the math after all), I’ve been hustling every which way on a myriad of projects. Some of them I’ve told you about but there are still others I haven’t mentioned one peep about. Maybe it’s my lousy-blogger-guilt-syndrome, but I’m getting this itching feeling like I owe you, my dear readers, some transparency. Maybe an explanation?

Ok, I’ll collect my thoughts and share the whole scoop later this week. (don’t you just hate me now?)


In other news, Hilary Inspired has a new blog partner!! Please welcome Lydali, the most beautiful online shop chock full of gorgeous products curated from socially responsible sources from around the globe. Here’s a bangle (for a sweet $42) that I’m absolutely loving from their new arrivals right now!

See a few more of my faves in this blog post HERE.



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