Okay, folks. I realize that I’ve been throwing around a lot of coded language and veiled comments these past several months. For those of you who have the convenience of knowing me in person, you’ve probably already heard the news. But for the rest of you, I can only imagine your total confusion. Well, grab a hot drink and pull up a chair because now it’s your turn. Today I’m sharing the official, no holds, full release scoop on “what’s up with Hilary Inspired“!


All other things aside, Hilary Inspired has always been about one primary thing; art and style inspiration. When I first started the blog, my content was mostly gleaned from the portfolios of others and then re-blogged with a few added comments and insights. That system wasn’t sustaining and eventually I lost interest. A year and a half into my blog, I decided original work was much more my style and have since committed myself whole-heartedly to solely self-produced content. It’s been quite the ride of self-discovery!

Along the way, my interest in writing, photography, and self-publishing have intensified. In addition, my questions about purpose and mission have also increased. Questions such as, “What am I contributing? Is it sustainable? Is it as fulfilling as it once was? Am I making an impact? Have I found my true calling?” All these and more have crossed my mind. Then, this past October, one gnawing thought in particular stuck out. I can write about anything and everything, but what amidst it all inspires me the most? Without a doubt, I’d have to say my “style story” series.

I’ve been publishing these home features for the past year and a half and they’re by far the thing that I’ve come to love most on my blog. I find the posts utterly inspiring to prepare and most rewarding to hear feedback on! So, as I’ve lost interest in other areas, my enthusiasm has rallied around this concept of a “style story”… what I like to think of as the intersection between the personal style of a person and their story.

I’ve always been fascinated by people… what they wear, how they speak, the homes they keep… and especially those with the enthusiasm and courage to live uniquely and stylishly. I’m also endlessly curious about the who, what, where, and why of successful creative types. Maybe it’s just my ridiculous addiction to motivational audio books and people profiles, but I can’t seem to get enough!

Which leads me to where I am today… planning the relaunch of Hilary Inspired with a completely new name, look, web address, and focus centered around and expanding on my Style Story series.

If you’re sad to see the retirement of Hilary Inspired, then you can only imagine how difficult it’s been for me! This speck of online real estate has been a daily part of my life for over three years. But with change comes the potential for growth and I’m focused more than ever on following my dreams and listening to the soft guidance of my heart. Right now, it’s telling me GO FOR IT!!


Now that I’ve spilled the beans on this giant project, it’s time to give you a few morsels of inspiration to chew on while we wait for the full launch (coming in early Summer 2013). Sneak peeks, teasers, and site updates will be unveiled on the official Facebook page for Our Style Stories (oh yeah, that’s the new blog name!HERE. It’s a pre-launch of sorts.

In the meantime, I’ll still be blogging here on Hilary Inspired. So, stay tuned, keep your eyes open, and spread the word to all your friends!!



Exploring the connection between style and story through the world’s of everyday people with distinct points of view, unique personal style, creative pursuits, and ample heart.

PRE-LAUNCH: April 2013 ———-> FULL LAUNCH: Early Summer 2013

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