Just this afternoon (yesterday by now), I finished listening to a mind-opening, world changing audio book by author and positive psychology researcher Shawn Achor entitled “The Happiness Advantage“. In a nutshell, Shawn writes about the impact that mindset, and specifically a positive mindset, has on how we perceive and navigate our world, interact with our friends and neighbors, and ultimately achieve great things. Turns out, mindset is huge!! Not such a surprising fact but a remarkably difficult one to apply.

I consider myself a fairly cheerful person and much of what Shawn discusses in his book feels like common sense, but as Shawn points out, common sense doesn’t always equal common practice. It took a few listening sessions for this idea to really take root in me. Positive person or not, there’s still so much more I could be doing! Hearing his thoughts and theories clearly outlined over the course of the past couple weeks helped me understand not just the concept but the practice of a positive mindset in a much more concrete way. Scanning our world for opportunity rather than irritation, choosing to highlight strengths rather than weaknesses, and finding growth and potential in even the most difficult situations… that’s just part of the equation.


Cut to about a month ago when I flew home to Nashville to style a photo shoot for my dear friend Emily’s new fashion line, t-615. Emily and her friend and co-founder Lauren conceived of their company after reading about the harrowing reality of modern day human slave trafficking in the book “Half the Sky“. Here’s where the practice of resiliently positive mindset comes in. Rather than falling prey to feelings of hopelessness and insignificance, Emily and Lauren chose to find opportunity in the midst of great tragedy and set to work on launching a company that would take advantage of the “here and now” of their lives and the strengths they individually possessed. Thus was born t-615, a philanthropic fashion line committed to aiding the relief of victims of human trafficking and dedicated to the idea that when creativity and community collide, world change is possible.

For their first collection, the ladies designed 3 men’s and 3 women’s tees using a powerful quote by abolitionist William Wilberforce and beautifully illustrated faces by Emily – the faces being representative of victims, activists, you, or me. The point being that we’re in this together and we each deserve an identity.

In addition to design, the tees are tremendously charitable – 25% of the profits go to organizations bravely fighting human trafficking – as well as incredibly comfortable! I’ve been wearing my tee at every possible chance. Lucky for me, I’ve also had the opportunity to see each design up close and in person during our photo shoot for the website and I know first hand just how cool and versatile they are!

Walk with me through our day of stylish photo making…


Oh yeah… and then after our photo shoot, we painted the seamless backdrop and filmed a launch video!! It was an outdoor grill-out unexpectedly turned indoor paint party that blossomed into something much better than any of us could have imagined! Creativity and community colliding in major ways here, folks. It was beautiful!

Without a doubt, many mindsets were brightened and hearts expanded through this process. I hope you’ll take a moment to share in the experience as well.

See the launch video HERE.

And support the cause by purchasing your own t-shirt HERE.


Giving and caring are a beautiful and powerful thing!


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