No doubt about it, I’m a homebody . It’s actually kind of scary how long I can be content to work at home, Pandora humming and puppy dog roaming, with little to no human contact. But even the best homebodies need time away!  Enter this Spring and my whirlwind (to me) travel schedule. It may not look like much to those who travel regularly but three get-in-an-airplane-and-fly-somewhere-with-luggage trips in one season is a lot for me! One to Nashville for t-615, another to High Point Market, and the last one to Boston for my younger brother Nicholai’s college graduation. Despite my reclusive tendencies, it has been a welcome change.

And now I look back at the photographs of my most recent trip from the comfort of my home office (i.e. the desk in our living room… yes, i finally cleaned it off!)  and I remember all the sweet moments from our time together in Boston as a family; brothers, mother, father, walking, talking, dining, visiting, singing, laughing, old friends, new friends, drinking (coffee, beer, more coffee), giving gifts, saying good bye. It felt a lot like home.

Oh, and Boston is stunningly beautiful this time of year!! It’s cool, crisp air rolls in off the ocean, the trees and bushes are in full bloom, and the architecture, oh the architecture! Gorgeous coastal, historic homes at every turn. I was in heaven.

To add to the wonder, I hear many people don’t even have air conditioning up there… just imagine!

We stepped inside my brother’s world for just long enough to feel at home, fall in love, want more. It’s no wonder he loves it so much up there. Who wouldn’t?
Now I’m back at home, Pandora buzzing, puppy dog playing, and I feel very content. Funny how that happens. Home is a loose term. You make it where you are. And it’s more flexible than I realized.
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