Full disclosure today, friends. I’ve been holding back on you recently. While this blog hasn’t exactly been overflowing with content the past several months, the D Home blog has seen it’s fair share of my work via a weekly column I write entitled, “Feathering Your First Nest”. I’ve been sharing DIY’s, designer tips, and decorating insights for the stylish, savvy, and budget-conscious. And I realize, this isn’t fair. You’ve been around longer and we have a real history between us!

Would it help if I said that it’s not you, it’s me? My focus has been pulled in so many directions in preparation for the launch of Our Style Stories that I’ve neglected to share the love here on Hilary Inspired. So to make amends, right here, right now I’m recapping a few of my favorite D Home blog posts from the past couple months for your ease and convenience.

I may be behind, but I haven’t forgotten you!

Be like Martha… grow your plants and eat them too! 


Suss out photography and art books like a pro on a budget!


Personal moments become a unique art installation.


Accessorize your refrigerator… even it deserves a pretty face!


And last but in no way least, an old trend gets a new face in royal blue.


There. We’re all caught up… well, at least for now! You know I’m always on the move. 😉

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