As you know, I’ve been a busy bee the past several weeks preparing for the launch of Our Style Stories. Now we’re exactly a week out from the launch date (July 1st, in case you didn’t get the email). You know, it hardly seems real. I mean, I’ve been working on it for so long that I guess I was beginning to wonder – and I’m sure you were too – if it would ever actually happen! But with every day that passes, it’s realness becomes increasingly more… well, real. It will be here… and soon!

Most of the major work is done but there are so many little details to attend; copy to write, posts to schedule, RSS feeds to burn, podcasts to set up, and more. And so begins my marathon week to GET IT DONE. I fully anticipate a rather scary recluse existence dressed up in pajama pants, screen bugged eyes, and excessive caffienation. Yep, it’s going to be awesome!!

But while you wait for the big release, here are a few moments from the Dallas Market Blogger Sneak Peek that I attended this past weekend. Imagine a gaggle of chatty designers/bloggers high on sugar cookies and complimentary cocktails being herded from showroom to showroom by a very stylish man in a floral bow tie and round rimmed glasses. It was a rather funny site. Along the way, we picked up some market trends and home products to blog about.

Note, global accents are hot and artisan craftsmanship is even hotter.


Global Views, one of my favorite showrooms to visit, presented a very clever demo one afternoon in which they transformed a small collection of basic furniture pieces into three distinct color stories by accessorizing them differently. It was such a fun way to get involved with the product and see ideas come to life!


After all was said and done, it was another fruitful weekend at market. After what felt likes miles of walking, we came home with days worth of inspiration stocked up on our camera cards and Instagram feeds. And let’s just say it’s a good thing I’ll be slouched in front of my computer for the rest of the week… my feet are going to need every ounce of that down time!


Featured vendors from above:

Aidan Gray

Silk Route

7 Sisters, El Arte del Crin, and Gahaya Links of the International Folk Art Market Collection

Codarus Showroom

Global Views

Hudson Valley Lighting

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