I’ve inexcusably posted-poned writing this post until now, the very end. And now I sit here in front of the computer with only one last task for the evening – write my farewell post for Hilary Inspired. I feel sadly at a loss for sufficient words. What’s with me?!

I guess composing this is a bit like saying goodbye to a really dear friend and I’ve never been good at that. I’m that person that drags on a closing conversation far too long when it’s really time to just give a heartfelt hug and continue on. So, here’s my most sincere attempt at a heartfelt hug.


For the past three and a half years, this little corner of the internet has been my creative outlet, escape, building block, artist’s statement, and expressive platform. Three and a half years may not sound like a lot of time but let’s just look back for a minute. SO much has happened!

Here’s the breakdown: 

In the beginning, I started out with nothing more than a plan to put my portfolio online. David and I were moving to Fort Worth, TX from Middle Tennessee and I needed a job. Having an online presence seemed like a smart thing to do in my situation. At the time, I was obsessed with reading blogs and starting one of my own seemed like a fun idea. Thus was born Hilary Inspired… It wasn’t glamorous.

One year into things, I was working for a furniture company in Fort Worth, assisting a textile designer on my time off, and blogging like crazy! What started as a casual hobby quickly became a serious creative outlet.

Year two ushered in a very new set of adventures. I transitioned from furniture sales person and part-time assistant to full-time social media manager at a very well respected lighting and accessories manufacturer based in Dallas. I can say without a sliver of doubt that my blog was a key factor in securing that work. Working freelance from home, blogging, photographing, tweeting, Facebook-ing… this was my life. I loved the freedom and flexibility! And with that newfound flexibility I advanced my blog to a new level by committing to exclusively self-produced content. Artful, beautiful photography became the focus of my posts.

In year three I added interior design work to my list of services. In addition to managing social media campaigns, I began assisting various interior designers in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Then, in the Fall of that year (2012), I joined D Home as a weekly contributing blogger. Again, I can’t imagine that I would have found the same opportunities had I not been writing my blog.

Year three began in January of this year and I found myself working exclusively at Pulp Design Studios as their social media manager and junior designer. With a devoted blog audience, a column on the D Home blog, and work in the interior design field, I was feeling pretty good about things… with one nagging exception.

One year prior, I had started a very small project called Style Story. It was going to be a monthly series on Hilary Inspired and my expectations were humble. I simply wanted to visit the homes of creative people with cool style and share their spaces on the blog. Inspired by the likes of Todd Selby and Backyard Bill, I scheduled my first photo shoot. And almost immediately after photographing that first feature, I had this strong feeling that this was what I was supposed to be doing! It wasn’t until a year later that I would discover just where that would be.

Flash forward to October of this past year… I met an incredibly inspiring blogger and personal role model. She got some serious ideas churning in my head and that “very small project” that I had been working on for the past year suddenly became the seeds for what is now Our Style Stories. This past April, I officially let the cat out of the bag about my plans and, since then, it’s been a roller-coaster of creativity, uncertainty, bittersweetness, excitement, and enthusiasm.


I know I said I wouldn’t drag this on, but the context of my decision to retire Hilary Inspired seems important. What feels right now like an ending is truly just the beginning. I will miss this specific online space tremendously because it’s become so much a part of me! But I am exponentially more excited about the next phase of things. Our Style Stories is coming!!! Are you ready for the next adventure?


Sign up for Our Style Stories mailing list to be notified when the site launches and like the Facebook page to keep up with all the latest. Monday, July 1st is the day…

See you on the other side, friends!


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