So long, lengthy bio page! Hello, fresh fun about section!!

As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”… well, at least it takes less time to read! Here’s a brief intro to me and my work via my ever growing Instagram feed.


As you’ve gathered from above, my name is Hilary (hence the blog title) and I’m the author, stylist, photographer, and editor of Hilary Inspired. A light hobby turned serious creative outlet, this blog was born in January of 2010 and has become a major part of my development as a designer and creative thinker.

You’ve already gotten the photo version of my bio but, in case you’re also wondering, here is a slightly more in depth look at why I write this blog.

It’s my belief that design is a fusion of the practicalities of life and the creative impetuous of art. Our personal presentation (i.e. our apparel and home decor) can be a sort of art as well… a personal art. We choose our bodily and environmental attire with the intention, whether conscious or not, of  communicating something about ourselves and the things we value. Grand or simple, unique or familiar, it’s an un-fine but precious form of expression. I like exploring those forms here on these tucked-away pages of the internet.

My hope with Hilary Inspired is to encourage an artful and authentic approach to personal style through a collection of thoughts, photographs, and features gathered from my life and the lives of others.


HILARY INSPIRED, Style + Art + Life…

authored by Hilary Rose Walker